Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Journals

M is in a pre-writing stage. She can hold the pencil correctly, the drawings she does have purpose even if we can't always tell what they represent, and she is starting to make letters and letter-like drawings all over her pages. She will often include letters she already knows how to write (v, z, m) and tell me they represent a certain word. Of course, she is obsessed with trying to write her name.

Since we are working on a winter theme, I wanted to make her some fun journals (as she calls them) to have to go along with our theme. One has blank pages and is for her to use as she wishes and the other one is for us to do some shared writing. Some of the pages have simple topics that M can do on her own such as "draw a snowman." Other pages have a topic that we will do together. M will answer the question out loud and I will act as her scribe. These are still simple topics such as "I like penguins because.."

I am hopeful that not only will this journal be a keepsake of her thoughts at three, but also establish a foundation that writing can be a fun experience.

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