Thursday, January 20, 2011

stART: Penguins Everywhere

This week we are studying Antarctica, and in particular penguins. We read a number of books on penguins, but the one Miss M enjoyed the most was Penguins, Penguins Everywhere! by Bob Barner.

To go along with the book, we made handprint penguins. M wanted us all to make them, so Baby B and I participated. She had me do Baby B's hand in grey, since penguin babies are grey in color. Once they were dry, we glued them onto a piece of blue paper that was fingerpainted with a white ice-scape.

M really liked this one, probably better than the paper cup penguins we made before Christmas. She still really loves any handprint/footprint craft and painting is still her favorite medium for art.

You can see more stART (story+art) projects over at A Mommy's Adventures.


  1. Oh! I love the grey for the baby - that's soooo clever!

  2. Oh! What adorable penguins. Love how they are all different sizes too!

    Kids Get Crafty

  3. Those penguins are adorable, a great craft to do on penguin awareness day!

  4. These are adorable!! We did penguins too, but footprint penguins. Love your handprint penguins:-).

  5. I love this , the penguins are so adorable. Might be are next Storytime book.


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