Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year & New Plans

I have the decided that the new year is a great time to make some changes to our school for M. What we have been doing just has not been working for either of us. Prepping a new theme each week is too time consuming for me, and she is bored with many of the activities I have planned for her. I have also had to face the fact that M is ready to learn to read and write (based on the fact that she is teaching herself to do so) whether I think she is too young or not.

So, for the month of January we are trying something new and moving more into a preschool format. We will be setting aside a formal school time each day when we will be working on reading and writing and math activities of my choosing. Since M has dropped her nap, she will still have plenty of time for free play each day. I have selected one theme for the whole month that we can arrange a lot of our "extra" activities around, but there will be fewer of those extras offered each day. We will still have some Montessori activities available for M to choose to work with as she wishes, although some of the materials have been removed to make it safer for Baby B as he is now mobile.

I expect these changes will be well-received by M, as she has been forging ahead even without my help! It's been hard to acknowledge the fact that my little girl is more grown-up than I want her to be, but I think we will both be happier with this new plan.

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