Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arctic Science

We did two simple science experiments this week to go along with our unit on the Arctic. I have seen both of these on a number of places around the Web, but they were new to Miss M and she greatly enjoyed them.

The first was the blubber experiment. We filled the sink with ice water and felt how cold it was with our bare hands.

Then I sandwiched a large amount of vegetable shortening between two plastic bags to represent blubber. Miss M put her hand inside the bags and placed it back into the water. This time, she couldn’t feel the cold at all.

The second was an illustration of how animal’s fur acts like a coat for them. We filled two jars with hot water. One we wrapped in a lightweight summer shirt, the other we covered with a sweater and hat.

We then put both outside in the cold for 30 minutes. When we brought them back in the one with the light shirt was cold, but the water in the other one was still warm. (This is a great illustration on why we wear a coat and hat in the cold, also).


  1. Love this! Will be doing this week with my kiddos! Thanks!

  2. Looks like fun! We love hands-on science! We'll have to try these when we study the Arctic tundra!


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