Thursday, October 7, 2010

stART: The Apple Pie Tree

One of M's favorite books lately has been The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. The story watches an apple tree grow through all four seasons of the year, ending with two sisters turning the apples it grows into an apple pie.

For our go-along craft, M made an apple tree in all four seasons. We left the branches bare in winter, had white blossoms in spring, green leaves in summer, and red and yellow apples in fall. These were all made by fingerpainting, one of M's favorite things to do.

I am linking this post to stART (story + art = a great start) over at A Mommy's Adventures.


  1. Nice craft! I love this book. I should really get around to making the four seasons trees with the kids. They can really learn a lot from doing activities like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great job constructing the four seasons trees. I've seen this book mentioned many times but haven't read it yet. Must remedy that soon.

  3. We love that book too. M really stuck with this project to construct all four seasons.

  4. I wish there really were such things as apple pie trees, how cool would that be?! LOVE her trees, they came out cute!

    If you stop by to see our stART project, please check out my interview with Leah of Almost Unschoolers as well.

  5. I think every kid would agree fingerpainting is the best!


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