Monday, October 11, 2010

Montessori Monday: Parts of an Apple

It has been a while since I did a Montessori Monday post, mainly because we have been using the same materials every day and that can get boring to post about! However, this week we did do some new materials.

M LOVES doing the parts of a whole work. We have done the parts of the body, the parts of the hand and this week I introduced the parts of an apple. We did have traditional Montessori nomenclature cards to introduce the apple parts, but I also saw this cute project over at Chalk Talk that we reproduced.

We also did some practical life work on washing apples. M is not ready for cutting work yet, but she did eat her newly washed apple.

We also worked on tonging using some plastic squash.

We also began our geography work this week, and I will be posting about some of that soon.
Of I am linking this post up to Montessori Mondays at One Hook Wonder.


  1. I LOVE the apple work! I know what you mean about doing the same work over and over! Now that our older daughter is in school I have the 26 month old at home. She LOVES to be in the classroom -choosing the same works day after day. I love it though - they grow up way too fast!


  2. I love your parts of an apple!!

  3. I love the apple work as well. I'll have to set that up for Short Pants soon - thanks! Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. :)li


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