Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Sensory Tub

It's a little early for fall, but M has been asking for a new sensory tub (or rice box as she calls it) for a while now, so I decided to go ahead and make her one. I used lentils this time instead of rice since I thought they had more of a fall color. You could use straw or leaves, too, but M loves the pouring and scooping so I wanted to make sure she still could to that.

Into the lentils I put orange and brown beads, leaf-shaped buttons, red and gold pussy willows, wheat stalks, silk flowers and leaves. I also included an acorn and some small straw hats. Finally, I added a star-shaped brown box, a small wooden rake, and some small plastic cups for scooping.

I plan to leave this box out for all of September, and then do a Halloween-themed box in October.


  1. How lovely - your tub definitely says fall! The straw hats are just too cute. :) I wonder if I could find them down here... they'd be perfect for my October sensory tub!


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