Saturday, August 7, 2010

What My Child is Reading - Tea, Mice and Kisses

We are joining in this week with the What My Child is Reading blog hop hosted over at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. We bought M two new books for her birthday last week, to go along with her new tea party set.

The first is Emma L ea's First Tea Party by Babette Donaldson

This is a cute story about a little girl, Emma Lea, who is excited to attend her family's annual tea party to celebrate her grandmother's birhtday. She gets all dressed up, only to find she is relegated to the little kids table, and that her father and grandfather are not allowed to attend either. Emma Lea and her grandfather help her grandmother realize what the tea parties should really be about. The story shares the message that we all need to care about each others' feelings, and that everyone should be included. It is a cute book, but I think I enjoyed it more than M did.

The second book is Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties by Jane O'Connor

Of course, anything Fancy Nancy is a hit in our house. This is actually more of a how-to on throwing a tea party rather than a traditional story. However, M has enjoyed reading it and planning future tea parties in the Fancy Nancy tradition.

We also checked out a number of books from the library this week. One of our favorites is Mr. Murry and Thumbkin by Karma Wilson

In this cute story Mr. Murry prepares his home for winter, while his new neighbor Thumbkin mouse lazes around. This makes poor Mr. Murry worry. Eventually he opens his house and heart to Thumbkin when his house collapses in the winter chill. I like how they decide that Thumbkin doesn't worry enough, and Mr. Murry worries too much and they meet in the middle. M and J have both enjoyed hearing this story many times this week, I think especially since it's written with rhyming prose.

Finally, M's favorite this week has been How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight? by Varsha Bajaj. This book has baby animals telling their mamas how many kisses they want (1 through 10) and then ends with the boy and girl wanting a hundred and a million kisses each. A very cute counting book.


  1. We have that Fancy Nancy book too. The other books look very sweet. I'll look for them. Thanks.

  2. Great suggestions! My daughter would love those tea party books. She likes Fancy Nancy but hasn't read that one yet.

  3. I am excited that you joined WMCIR, and your selections are awesome. Mr Murry sounds very interesting, I will add it to our library list.


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