Monday, August 16, 2010

Montessori Monday: Practical Life

This past week's Montessori activities mainly centered around practical life. M learned some about care of her environment, including washing down her table.

I had a green bead bracelet that broke and has not gotten restrung yet. The beads are ceramic, and very bright, and M enjoyed spooning with them.

She also did some color sorting with pink, blue and yellow beads.

She did some more work writing with her tracing cards.

And some work with the moveable alphabet.

She spent most of her week working with the geometric insets and phonetic objects I mentioned last week.

I am linking this post up to Mondays Montessori Moment at Mommy Moment and to Montessori Mondays at One Hook Wonder.


  1. Great post! Is the little table in your dining room? Does she eat snacks at her table?
    Since we eat our meals together as a family our 2 year old wants her snacks at the big table too.
    So glad you'll be linking up to Mondays Montessori Moment!
    Have a great week!


  2. Your daughter seems very busy! How old is she?

  3. Hi! I just find your blog via Mommy Moment. You have so many neat activities here! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Carine,

    M just turned three years old. She is a very high energy child, and likes to keep constantly busy. She often chooses to work with her Montessori materials rather than playing with her toys, but it's always her choice!


  5. Jody,

    That little table is in the side of our family room we have turned into a school room. Her shelves are right next to it. M eats her main meals at the dining room table with us, but she likes to have her snacks at her little table.



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