Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tot School: August 16-22

Tot School
(M is now three years old!)

We did not have a set theme in Tot School this week.

Mathematics: We are trying to do a baking project with M every week. This week, we made cupcakes.

We used pompoms and the apple counting printout from Hubbard's Cupboard to count from 1 to 9.

We used our colored links to do math this week. First we sorted them by color, then I made links of varying lengths and she counted how many links were on each chain. I also laid four chains out and had her tell me which was longest or shortest.

Language Arts: I have a number of materials from when J was in preschool (six years ago), including a book of Evan-Moor envelope games. I glued this one onto a file folder for M, and she did it several times this week. There are six toy chests with consonants on them (d, c, q, j, n, v). Then there are 24 blocks with different items depicted on them. She has to match the item (vest, car, etc.) to the toy chest with the corresponding beginning sound.

We began working with our Handwriting Without Tears materials this week. We used the Stamp and See magnetic pieces to form both upper and lower case letters. M would tell me the sound each letter made, as well as working on forming that letter.

Bible Time: We continued working with Hubbard's Cupboard for Bible time. This week we worked on Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man. We did a number of activities including a story wheel and coloring pages. M's favorite was the fingerprint apple tree.

Art: We did a pizza craft for our stART project this week. You can read my post on that here.

M made a paper plate kitty cat during our trip to the Dallas Art Museum. I like the variety of art supplies they have available to the kids, and I think we'll be adding colored masking tape and colored art wires to our supply cabinet. I like how she added two ribbon tails to the cat.

You can visit 1+1+1=1 to see what other's have done in Tot School this week.


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  2. The pizza craft (especially with the tubes for dimension) came out fabulous!

    Somehow I suspect that M is already a better baker than I am, too. ;)

  3. OMG - I LOVE that pizza idea!!! Very creative!

    Visiting you from Tot School!

  4. I love that Evan-Moor envelope game, and that pizza craft is genius! Such great ideas and good fun!

  5. That pizza craft is adorable!!!!

    I love the Handwriting without Tears manipulatives. They are great for so many ages.


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