Saturday, August 21, 2010

Late Nights With Art

Once a month, the Dallas Art Museum holds a late-night event. The museum is open from 6 to midnight with crafts, music, movies, story time, art tours and other fun events planned. We gave the kids all late naps, and then drove into the city after dinner last night.

They made paper plate puppets in the kid's art studio. M's was a kitty cat, and J's was a Japanese warrior. (He was fascinated by the Japanese art exhibit last night.)

Then they and all the other kids followed the museum's mascot, Arturo the Parrot, in a parade through the museum. (M can be very timid and shy when encountering anything or anyone new, and the parrot was no exception.)

M was interested in several paintings in the Modern Mexican Art exhibit, and eagerly perused the pictures of the upcoming African Masks exhibit. We will definitely need to bring her back to see those when they open.
Even Baby B was awake and interested for most of the night.

The Museum has outdoor art as well, and this sitting man who changes colors was a favorite of the kids.

Everyone had a great time, even if it was a late night, and we are looking forward to attending again soon.

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