Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Games

Baby B is almost three months old, and he has reached a stage where he is very interactive and loves to play games.

He has two particular favorites. The first is a game called Buzzy Bee. We make a sound imitating a buzzing bee while we move our finger close to his body. After a few seconds we touch him with our finger and say "Buzzy Bee." We vary where we land on his body, and vary the pitch of our buzzing. He loves this game and rewars the buzzer with great big smiles. This game has helped with his head and neck control, as he will turn his head to follow your finger.

The other is a nursery rhyme/finger play game that M and J do with him. It goes:

Round and round the garden (draw circles on his tummy)
Goes the Teddy Bear
One step, two steps (walk fingers up his chest)
Tickly under there. (tickle under his chin)

Round and round the haystack (draw circles on his tummy)
Goes the little mouse
One step, two steps (walk fingers up his chest)
To his little house. (tap him lightly on the nose)

I love that he is at such a fun stage in his development now!

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  1. I found your blog when I was looking around the Totally Tots Cute Tots picture links. I noticed you have a baby a month younger than mine and a preschooler (I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 26 month old). I also noticed you implement Montessori, so I thought I would say hi. I will be following your blog. Love the second verse to the "Round and round" game and the Buzzy bee game. Gotta try that with my little one.


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