Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tot School: Western Week

Tot School
(M is 35 months old)

This week in Tot School we finished up our western theme. We spent the last three weeks working on cowgirls, horses and cows since M was enjoying it so much. You can see my previous post here for other activities we did.

M used a wrapping paper tube, a horse head cut out of paper and some brown yarn to make a stick horse. She rode it around the house, and we had "barrel races" around the furniture as well. (It has been pouring rain the last two weeks so we had lots of indoor play.)

We colored a cowgirl hat, attached it to a paper headband, and M was a cowgirl. Of course, she dictated it be purple and pink.

M and J spent one afternoon "roping cows" by tossing a hula hoop over a chair. They loved doing this.

M made a paper plate horse. She painted two plates brown. I cut one plate to make the head and the legs, the other was folded in half for the body. She added yarn for the tail and a googly eye. She keeps asking me to make another one.

We did a little math. I took a cow print out and copied it 20 times. I cut them apart and put a different number of spots (1-20) on each cow. Then I labeled 20 popsicle sticks with the numerals 1-20. M had to count the cow's spots and then match it with the proper numeral "fence post."
We had horse stickers to play with and horse and cow shaped cookie cutters for our playdough. We also ate trail mix for a snack one day. Since M is allergic to peanuts, our trail mix was goldfish, pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

We also took a family field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium since Daddy had Monday off of work. The aquarium is set up like a rainforest, and so has birds, monkeys, jaguars and other rainforest animals as well as the fish, manatees, alligators and otters.

Baby B spent some time this week doing tummy time, working on making his hands move the way he wants them to, and discovering the baby in the mirror. I love those chubby little hands and arms!

And here is my favorite picture of M from this week.

That was our last two weeks in Tot School.


  1. So much fun. I love the paper plate horse and the horse roping!

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  3. She is just so cute! What great activities! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the Western theme! Now I may have to get a hula hoop! My daughter always wants one when she sees them in the store....but I know she is not old enough to hula. But I think she would definitely love this activity! Thanks for sharing!


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