Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth of July Crafts

We've had some rainy days this week so we've spent some time inside working on Fourth of July crafts.

The kids used pipettes to drop colored water (food coloring) onto coffee filters. When they dried they cut the edges into fringes, and attached them to pipe cleaners. M thought they made great firework "wands", but J thought they made better flowers. Right now they are in a vase on our dining table.

Next, M spent time transferring plastic star-shaped ice cubes using chopsticks. We practiced making different patterns, and she's enjoyed this tray several times.

I helped M lay beads out in an ABC pattern, and then she strung them to make a bracelet.

J used foam pieces to make a flag-shaped magnet.

Finally, we had a giant craft FAIL. I had taped doilies down onto blue construction paper and given the kids metallic paint and sponge brushes. My plan was for them to push the paint through the doilies, creating stencils. We'd then remove the doilies and have metallic, painted fireworks. Well, neither kid could get the paint to go through the holes in the doilies. The end result was two frustrated kids and one giant mess. I will admit I did try to do this myself later, and even I had a hard time getting it to work, so I think the doily pattern was too small to make a very good stencil.

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  1. Your flowers turned out really prettily. Too bad about the doily fireworks, I've seen them on another blog, but maybe the doily was more sturdy there.


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