Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Sensory Box

We've had the Fourth of July sensory box out for a month, and I thought it was time to retire it. M has been asking to go the the beach for weeks now, and we don't have one within 500 miles of us, so I thought that would be the perfect theme for her new box. Since she has a sandbox outside, and I didn't want to deal with sand inside, I deconstructed several shell necklaces to fill the pail for scooping and pouring. I added in a variety of larger shells and some driftwood as well. Later I plan to add a shovel, but all of ours were too large.


  1. Fun idea. I thought about making a beach sensory box, but we spend at least two days a week at the beach so I figured that was good enough!

  2. You had a lot of shells! It's a beautiful sensory box, and I am sure M is wildly excited about all the options.


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