Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tot School: Cowgirls

Tot School
(M is 34 months old)
This week in Tot School we did a western theme. M is having so much fun with this, and I have so many ideas left, that we will do this theme again next week as well.

We read Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett, then M decorated her own pair of boots. I gave her the choice of mediums, and she chose glitter glue.

We did a cow branding game I found on Making Learning Fun. I would call out the letter, and M would find it and "brand" the cow with her dot markers.
She also colored a cowgirl with her dot markers (also from Making Learning Fun) and played a dice-rolling game from pre-k pages. We rolled the dice, then she had to find the appropriately numbered Texas outline and stamp it. She chose to use her dot markers rather than stamping them.

She also decorated a cactus, using pink tissue paper for flowers and uncooked spaghetti pieces for the spines. She used so much glue it still isn't dry several days later!

Finally, I wrote her name on a piece of paper and M traced it first in glue and then with twine. She did such a great job tracing her name, I was very proud of her.

Here is my favorite picture from this week.

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  1. I love this theme. Did you see the armadillos we made when we studied Texas? Here is a link:

    Both of my kids loved making the armadillos and they go along with your theme! Oh, we also drew cacti on paper and painted them with green salt paint = that was fun and a cool sensory experience.

  2. I forgot to write that I LOVE M's dress in that last photo!!!!

  3. The last picture is so cute, and I am impressed that you have time for Tot School with a new baby in the house.

  4. that's such a great theme! I will be bookmarking this page and copying your ideas! xxx


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