Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tot School: All Aboard

Tot School
(M is 34 months old)

We are certainly NOT back in our normal routine yet, but we did manage to do some Tot School activities this week. Originally I did not have a theme planned, but after we took M to family story time at the library, she was all about trains this week, so we did a few activities around that.

Here she is wearing her engineers hat that she made.

Sticking stickers to a train engine shape.

I made a train out of construction paper with the letters of M's name on them,and we practiced her name while riding the train.

We have a large number of Thomas trains left over from when J was little, so I pulled a few out for M to play with.

And my favorite photo from this week:


  1. great week! Do you often do a theme each week? I was thinking of doing this with my two! any ideas for themes?

  2. Fiona,

    I do tend to do a theme a week. I don't think it matters at all to my daughter, but it makes it easier for me to plan and organize all the many ideas I find. I pick things that are seasonal (apples, leaves, pumpkins in the fall) or that she is really into (princesses, Dora right now) or that relate to a book we are reading. Of course, holidays also make great themes. has a large list of theme ideas and projects to go with them, that's where I'd start.


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