Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Last Two Weeks

It's hard to believe Baby B is already two weeks old. He is such a sweet, mellow baby and we are enjoying every minute with him. Here are some pictures of our last two weeks.

Baby B had jaundice, and so spent several days of his first week home under the phototherapy lights. He is much better now, but still spends part of each day sunbathing.

J and M are both enjoying being big siblings, and often ask to hold the baby. M calls him "My Baby Boy" all the time.

We took our first trip to the park this past weeek. Baby B slept through the whole thing, but M had a great time playing.

Grandma taught M how to hula dance, it was soo cute.

Of course, most of our time is spent sleeping! Here are a few of my favorite photos of Baby B at two weeks old.


  1. Baby B is so cute. I bet M is so proud to become a big sister. It's great that you are all settling into the new life with three kids.

  2. Oh my...those newborn pictures make me want a baby something fierce!!!!!
    (however, having a busy 1.8 yr old is pretty sound birth control)!
    :) maureen


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