Monday, May 17, 2010

Insect Crafts

I know posts have been scarce lately, and they will probably remain that way for the next few week's until we welcome home our newest addition.

M has been working on many insect related activities this last week, including several crafts.

First, she made a ladybug using paint, pipe cleaners and an egg carton. M loves anything involving paint, but you could use markers to color the egg carton as well.
Next, she made a ladybug using paper plates, paint and pipe cleaners (I helped with the dots). Again, markers or crayons would work in place of paint as well.
Then, she made a bumblebee out of tissue paper, a recycled water bottle and construction paper. This was her favorite craft by far, and that bee has been flying around our house for several days now!

I will try to post more of our insect activities in the next few days.


  1. The bee is adorable! We've been talking about bugs lately and I had SO many cute bug crafts lined up for us to do, and suddenly Matthew is on a craft strike again. Sigh. I'm pretty sure I could get him to make that cute bee though, so thanks for the inspiration!

    I hope you are feeling well... those last few weeks and days are so hard! I was on bedrest too, so I know it's tough! Good luck as you get ready to welcome your little blessing into the world! What a lucky little guy or girl to become part of your family - you are doing such a great job!!

  2. How exciting about the upcoming arrival, and it looks that you still manage to keep M busy. Hopefully the baby stays put until its due time.


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