Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Practical Life Activities

M has reached the stage where she is always asking to help around the house. So, we have adapted several real-life tasks that she can help with on a regular basis. These are not chores, as she only does them when she chooses to do so, but they are activities that she is capable of doing on her own or with very simple modifications from someone else.

The first is watering plants. M needs someone to turn the hose on for her, but after that she can do this task on her own, usually without getting wet.

Setting the table is another task that can be adapted. This usually falls to J, but if given the silverware from the drawer or the plates individually she knows where they go on the table. M is not ready for pouring or carrying glasses yet, but she can work into that.

Helping with dinner is another favorite. Before I start the recipe, I select which tasks M can help with (pouring, stirring, spreading butter on bread) and make sure that I allow her to help on those portions. She asks to help me most evenings.

Other tasks that can be done at this age include dusting, sweeping with a small broom and dustpan, folding clothes, caring for pets and washing windows or mirrors. The sense of accomplishment M has from doing these tasks is well worth the few extra minutes it takes to get them set up for her to do safely.

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  1. My daughter loves to help around the house too! Cute pictures.


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