Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Science Center

I finally got time to organize a science center - something I have wanted to do for M for a while. I gathered objects we already had around the house, so this isn't anything fancy. These are on her shelves and completely accessible when she wants to play with them. We have:

Science Tools: Right now it includes a mirror, magnifying glass, bug observation kit, prisms, slinky, and spinning tops. I added some locks and keys and a pinwheel after I took the photo. I also want to add magnet wands, a flashlight, color mixing paddles and some crystals.

Her viewmaster with animals slides and some binoculars.

Nature Box: These are all things M collected herself. I am hoping to get her to expand the objects she collects this spring on our nature walks.

Plastic animals: These are not very realistic looking but M loves playing with them and grouping them by types.

Animal bingo game and ocean life floor puzzle. I like this game because it uses real photographs and very specific animal names (pygmy marmoset for example).

I plan to make a texture board for this area, some discovery bottles and some sound shakers. J has some wonderful, and delicate, science tools like polyopticons (left from when my brother was little) and snap circuits which we will be leaving in his room and safely up out of her reach until M is older.

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  1. I really admire your collection of science objects, what fun you will have exploring with these.


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