Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Crafts

I set up some trays with Easter crafts for J and M to work on when they felt like it. They often get up early on the weekends, and I'd rather they have something to work on instead of just watching television. These were all done on their own, with J helping M when needed.

First, is a hand print sheep. They traced their hands (J helped M) on black construction paper. The thumb makes the head and the other four fingers are legs. They glued on cotton balls for the body and, of course, a googly eye.

Next, I had cut out a number of large egg shapes from thick white paper. The kids watercolor painted the eggs in their own designs. (I prefer watercolors when I am not directly supervising as they are less messy, but any art medium would work.)

Finally, I had in mind for them to make mosaic crosses. I cut the crosses and the squares out of foam sheets, and they just had to glue the squares on in a pattern. Of course, M only wanted to glue a few squares on, while J was much more into the mosaic aspect of the craft.

All very easy crafts, but ones the kids enjoyed and that worked for both ages groups (J is 10 and M is 2).


  1. I love the little handprint sheep - how adorable! We made foam mosaics for Easter last year, exactly like yours! I put magnets on the back and they've been on our fridge ever since. How great that you give them such a creative option to watching TV!

  2. J is a great big brother, and it must be nice to be able to sleep in while kids work on crafts. Maybe this day will come eventually :)


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