Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tot School: Happy Valentine's Day

Tot School

This week in Tot School we focused on Valentine's Day and hearts.

We started the week doing candy math. We used foam heart numbers and sweet hearts candies to count and sort. You can read the post here for all the details on what we did. M enjoyed this so much we did candy math every day.

We did the Roll A Valentine activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This is the first dice-type game we have done, and M loved it! She had no problem counting the number of dots on the dice and figuring out which number it was on the sheet.

I drew hearts on a piece of paper and labeled them with capital letters. Then I found small red heart stickers and wrote the lower case letters on them. I gave M the stickers in random order and she had to name the letter, the sound the letter makes, and match it to the upper case letter. She loved doing this (that's her excited face in the picture) and completed all the hearts.

M made a heart wreath using foam stickers from a kit Grandma sent her. She had a great time gluing the hearts all on.

She also made a tissue paper collage heart.

We also made some homemade pink playdough and played with our heart cookie cutters.

This week we had some unexpected snow (10 inches total - a record for us) and M and J played outside a LOT for the two days it remained.

We also celebrated Daddy's 38th birthday on Saturday. M helped him blow out his candles and enjoyed the chocolate frosting on his cake.

That was our week in Tot School. You can check out what other's have done in Tot School at Carisa's blog. I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day with your little ones.


  1. The wreath turned out great! So cute! I'm going to try the upper/lowercase heart and sticker matching. Great idea!

  2. nice job - nice selection of activities! :)

  3. Fun stuff. I wish my tot were old enough to do the capital/lowercase matching with the stickers. I guess I'll have to wait patiently. LOL

  4. I like the Heart Sticker Matching Activity...and the heart wreath came out so good!!! What a great week!

  5. We tried a version of the sticker letter matching today. I'm going to post and link up to you on the 26th.
    Thanks! =) I loved how easy it was to put together and try it!

  6. That wreath is beautiful! I really like the sticker/letter activity and LOVE her excited face. I'll have to keep that in mind for another theme sometime in the near future. It's always fun to read your tot school posts, you're very creative!

  7. Love all the fun, creative ideas! Great tot school week!!

  8. Cute ideas. I love the heart letter activity and the heart wreath.

  9. What a lucky girl-candy hearts every day :). The heart match was a great idea, and the wreath is very pretty. Looks like the kids had fun in the snow! 10 inches is a lot!!

  10. What a fun week! I love the heart wreath super cute!

  11. Love the heart alphabet sticker matching!! Great idea!

  12. Ohh, homemade play dough is ALWAYS a hit over here, too! Love her excited face and the cute heart wreath! What an awesome week!

  13. Those are all great ideas. I'm always looking for alphabet stickers... don't know why I didn't think to just write them on plain stickers.

  14. We just did the letter sticker matching activity and had a great time. Thanks for the idea!

    Letter Search with Stickers


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