Monday, February 8, 2010

Candy Math

M is feeling somewhat better today and was in the mood to do some activities, so we did candy math. These are all activities we have done before, but for some reason doing them with the Sweet Hearts really captured M's attention.

First I labeled some foam hearts with the numbers 1-10 and then I counted out 55 hearts into a bowl.
M had to put the hearts into order, and then count the proper number of candies onto each heart. Since there was the exact number of candies needed, this helped with control of error.

Next, she sorted the hearts by color.

Then we lined them up and she counted how many of each color she had. Since there were 16 orange hearts, this helped her do some one-to-one correspondence counting greater than our usual 10.

Finally, I let her count out five hearts to eat as a treat!


  1. I just wrote a post about doing an activity like this using cinnamon hearts. Our Snow White got frustrated though...
    I forget what day I have it set to publish on.
    Love your blog as usual!

  2. Very nice! The only other thing that comes to mind is graphing those :) She did great.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't think of graphing but we'll definitely try it next time!

  4. My M loves candy math (or marshmallow math, or cracker math, etc. Pretty much any kind of edible math) too. I'm so impressed that you got away with just letting her eat 5 of them at the end! These are great acttivities; I like how they look all sorted out.


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