Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tot School: Arctic Animals

Tot School

This week's Tot School focused on arctic animals; particularly penguins and polar bears. M loves penguins, they are her favorite animal every time we go to the zoo, so this was a fun unit for her.

M did a color-by-number penguin I found at Making Learning Fun. She refused to fully color the penguin, but colored each number instead.

We also did a polar bear math worksheet and a penguin one, where M used a bingo marker to dab the circles as I called out the number. (She insisted I color the penguin for her.)

We also did a tangram polar bear. We don't own actual tangrams, so I cut them out of colored paper (foam would have held up better). She loved these, so we'll do more tangrams in the future.

Since M loves her bingo markers so much, we also did a bingo marker letter P and penguin. She was so very careful to make sure the marker went into the circles exactly.

For art we made two different penguins. Both are cut from construction paper and glued together. Of course, we had to have googly eyes. M loves to do her handprints, so we made handprint wings (idea from Just For Fun) on one of them.

For gross motor activities this week we waddled like penguins and lumbered about on all fours like polar bears.

I made M a sensory bin using her water table and ice cubes. She spent over three hours (as long as it took the ice to melt) playing with these. She had plastic animals, scoops and spoons to play with. J played with her and they had so much fun pretending their animals were in the arctic. I did give her gloves, but she preferred to play barehanded most of the time.

The Shafer Family did a great mini unit on penguins several weeks ago, and they have many fun ideas we didn't get time to do! Be sure to check it out if you are looking for penguin ideas.

That was our arctic animal week in Tot School. Visit Carisa's blog at 1+1+1=1 to see what others did this week. Next week we are focusing on fish.


  1. Very nice - I love the handprint penguins! Very creative with lots of fun activities! :) Great job!

  2. Well, thank you for linking back to me!! I am LOVING all your penguin activities. So often I'll look at your blog and think, "Gosh, if only we could get together! Think of the fun we could create!!"

    I REALLY have to bring in Maddie's water/sand table. She would go BANANAS if I filled it with ice cubes! What a GREAT idea!

    Hope you're feeling well!

  3. What a great week!! Love the penguins:)

  4. You have such cute ideas! Too funny that your DD wouldnt color the whole area but just the numbers :) I really think we need a water table, it looks fun even with snow.

  5. How fun to fill the water table with ice cubes! I love how she did the color-by-number penguin. Too cute!

  6. Great ideas! We are also doing Ice Worlds these two weeks as part of our Geography track. I am so jealous of this nice indoor water and sand table, and it looks like M had tons of fun. I plan to use a lot of the same printables from MakingLearningFun - it's such an AWESOME site.

  7. We live in a land with no snow, but we do have the same sand/water table. Thanks so much for the idea!

  8. I love your arctic animals ideas. Fun Week!

  9. Another wonderful week! You always have such great ideas... I sure wish we had a big sensory table like that - I could use an activity that keeps M busy for 3 hours, lol!

    We have tangrams too and M also loves them... but I haven't been able to find any puzzles online that are full page... were yours from a book??

    And how sweet that she only colored the numbers! So cute! :)

  10. So cute that she would only color over the numbers. Kinda sounds like my daughter. :-)

  11. it looks awesome. I love ur water table and the ice is a great idea...we are still in summer so maybe i should plan this for next month while we can still do it outside!

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  13. The tangram pattern came from the Making Learning Fun site. The link to their tangrams page is


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