Friday, January 8, 2010

stART: The Mitten

For our stART project (hosted over at A Mommy's Adventure) this week we read The Mitten by Jan Brett. She is one of my kids' favorite authors, and M loved this book. This is an adorable story about how a lost mitten becomes a warm, cozy home for variety of woodland animals.
Following the story, M made her own fuzzy mittens. The first mitten, she was content just to glue on the cotton balls I had pulled apart for her. The second, however, she insisted on pulling the cotton balls apart herself, and it's a much chunkier mitten! She decorated them with snowflake foam stickers, and I drew the lines on the pink "cuffs" before she glued them on.

Ths and other fun mitten ideas can be found at Kidssoup.


  1. Wow, I love your mitten craft. We just did a mitten craft today too. I will be posting about it tomorrow!

  2. My daughter read "The Mitten" at school this week. They cut out a big white mitten, glued it to a brown paper bag. The teacher photocopied black and white images of all the animals in the book and the kids cut them out and placed them in the mitten bag as they followed along with the story. At the end of the story they get to dump out all the animals. Fun and my daughter loved it.

  3. this is one of our favorite books. I love the craft too!

  4. I love this craft - it turned out awesome! We read this book as well, but my daughter really focused on the side story of a boy and was highly unhappy that he lost his mitten right away as his grandma predicted. She didn't want to read it again at all.

  5. Such a cute project! Ryleigh loves this book too :) The mittens came out great!!!

  6. Very cute craft idea - she did a great job! :)


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