Friday, January 29, 2010

stART: Corduroy

For stARt this week, we read the book Corduroy by Don Freeman.M loved this book, and we've read it repeatedly this week.

For a simple story extender, we made Corduroy. I cut a bear shape out of paper, drew on a face, and M colored him brown. She then glued on his green overalls and glued buttons onto his overalls. For most of the story, Corduroy is missing a button, but M wanted to be sure he had 2 buttons on his overalls like at the end. I wanted M to use a green crayon and rub his overalls over a piece of corrugated cardboard to give it a corduroy texture, but she wasn't interested in that step.

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  1. Very cute bear - and I'm glad you mentioned the crayon rubbing idea - it's a very clever thought.

  2. We love this book, and your craft is absolutely adorable!

    I see in your sidebar you are pregnant--CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you and hope you are feeling well!

    As for the Life of Fred math--LOVING it so far. I will post about it once we have used it just a few weeks more.

  3. What an absolutely adorable craft! I love your creativity, and since we like the book so much, we might try it here as well.

  4. LOVE how you used the buttons! Very cute craft!

  5. Very nice! We love & use buttons alot in our home, I like how you used them in your craft! :)

  6. OK- seriously- GREAT minds think alike- we read and did a Corduroy craft this week too!

    (He's such a classic, isn't he?)

  7. I love Courduroy and I love those big buttons!

  8. I love how your Corduroy craft came out. We also enjoy Corduroy books here!

    Thank you for linking up :0)


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