Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby

J is very involved in Cub Scouts. One of the annual events is the Pinewood Derby. The boys all get the same kits which contain a block of balsam wood, wheels and nails (for axles). They have to create their own cars (size/weight restrictions apply) and then they race them. This year J spent quite a bit of time on his own and with his Dad designing, carving, painting and building his car. We discussed quite a bit about aerodynamics, air friction, weight distribution and velocity when he was designing his car.

The race was today, and J won not only for his age division, but the overall championship as well. He had the fastest car in 7 of the 8 heats he ran today. He was ecstatic, and it was a nice lesson on how the time and attention he paid to doing the car right made a difference in the results.

Way to go J!

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