Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tot School: Snow Week

This week, it snowed at our house. It melted when it hit the ground, but since any snow is rare in this part of Texas, and the last time it snowed M was too young to remember, we took advantage of Mother Nature's generosity and spent time on snowmen and snowflakes this week.

First, we hung up our snowman and snowflake window clings. M loves to take these on and off the window, over and over again, and can often be found playing with them.

Then, M enjoyed creating her own winter scene using foam stickers.

She spent quite some time playing with her stamp pad and snowflake stamps. Unfortunately, when I was not looking this turned into stamping herself completely blue, and even after an immediate bath, she had pale blue hands for days.

We cut snowflakes out of paper (I mainly had to do the cutting) and then M decorated them with glitter glue.

I made two snowmen for our felt board, and M had a great time constructing and deconstructing them over and over again.

We made Mommy into a living snow-woman one day. First, the kids wrapped me in toilet paper, then they added a carrot nose and buttons cut from construction paper and a scarf, hat and gloves from our closet. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures since I was all wrapped up. They loved this one, and it makes a great party game for older kids, too.

One day she and her brother made angel ornaments for the Christmas tree, and M enjoyed her first ever candy cane. (She only ate a small part of it, but seemed to enjoy it.)

We have one activity we did not get to this week. We have a snow family made out of socks that T, J and I made when J was younger. It's part of our annual Christmas decorating traditions, and we need to make a snowgirl with M, now that she is older. We will fit that in next week, once I go to the store and buy a package of new socks!

That was our snow-themed week in Tot School. To see other great ideas from Tot School, visit Carisa's blog at 1+1+1-1.


  1. Very cute - all those projects are really neat. Too bad that nobody took pictures of you as a snowman :)

  2. I love all your snow and snowman activities. Wish we had snow here during December and Christmas time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love all the snowman projects!!! (We did a lot of them this week too). It looks like you had a really fun week:)

  4. Great week... but... OH MY GOODNESS!!! You're pregnant!! I just saw the ticker on your sidebar! Did I miss something?!?! SO happy for you all!!!


  5. I always forget about our flannel board! Thanks for sharing - those snowmen are cute!

  6. We woke up to snow this morning. Our first for the winter. I will have to do some snow activities this week. I love the winter scene idea. I hope I can find some winter foam stickers.

  7. Fantastic week! Love the snowmen!

  8. I can't wait to see your sock snowmen! I love the pic of M with the candy cane - how sweet! My M loves window clings too - he is always rearranging them for the birdies to look at, lol. :) You had a great week, as always!

  9. Fun activities. :) We made foam sticker winter scenes too... different stickers but similar. I like your snowflake idea and will have to try it.


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