Thursday, November 5, 2009

We're Back

I have been gone from posting for a few weeks. A combination of illnesses, a broken camera, and just the joys of every day life have limited the time I had to spend blogging. However, I am hoping to be back at it more regularly this week.

Here are a few photos of what we have been up to the last few weeks. (I know they are blurry, we still have a broken camera!)

J carved his pumpkin (with help from Daddy). It's hard to tell, but he carved the Grim Reaper. We didn't want to let M carve, so she used some plastic pieces to make a kitty cat pumpkin. I had thought she'd want to play in the goop from inside J's pumpkin, but she refused to even touch it!

My mother is a very talented seamstress and makes the kid's Halloween costumes every year. This year they were Harry Potter and a kitty cat.

We also had some professional photos of the kids taken this month. There were so many wonderful ones, but these are my favorites.

M mother is loaning us a digital camera until we purchase a new one, so hopefully I can take some more pictures of our daily activities in the coming weeks.


  1. Yay for an update! I just came over to leave a comment on your Tot School post, hoping that everything was okay. It's MUCH better that there's a new post!

    Love the Halloween costumes! I wanted Maddie to be a kitty cat. And, those are some great pics of the kids. Beautiful!

  2. Welcome back! Nice Halloween pics and professional portraits. I hope that everyone is back to good health.


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