Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tot School: Corn Week

I had hoped that week we would finally get settled back into our routine. The beginning of the week went okay, but then M caught a cold and we didn't do much the last half of the week except cuddle and read books. Our theme this week, was corn.

First, M dot-painted a corn cob picture I printed off from Making Learning Fun. She loves her dot painters, and we haven't used them in a while.

Next, we glued popcorn onto corn cob shapes. Since popcorn is chokeable for toddlers, I did this right after breakfast when I knew M wouldn't be hungry, and then watched her very carefully. (I adapted this idea from here.)

We also did a dry pouring activity using unpopped popcorn kernels, but I had to supervise this carefully and didn't get a good picture.

Then we made a feathered mask for this week's Open-Ended Art project.

Because M never considers art time over just because a project is completed, we also did a lot of painting this week.

M has developed a fascination with letters. She recognizes all of her upper and lowercase letters and names them in everything she sees. If there is a letter, M wants to tell you what it is, and then try to draw it. However, she doesn't have the finger strength yet to control a pencil/crayon for writing. One solution we have found is the magna doodle. M uses the magnet shapes, which she can easily grasp as they have chunky grips, and draws letters on the magna doodle that way. Here, she drew a "baby b" using the circle magnet.

That was all I got pictures of this week. Our theme next week is, of course, Turkeys. To see what other's did this week in Tot School, go to Carissa's blog at 1+1+1=1.


  1. That is a great baby "b"! Wow, I'm very impressed that she did that! How sweet that she loves art time so much... and she always does such a good job! I am still loving that mask! I really like the popcorn activities too, you are so creative! I hope M is feeling better, my M had a cold too - it's no fun.

  2. LOVE the corn craft! And holy moley what a smart little gal you have there... that 'b' is perfect! :) My little guy is crazy about naming off letters in everything, too! Isn't is wonderful to see their minds absorbing everything?!

  3. Love the corn activity. I think it came out really well!!!

  4. You always do such great theme weeks! Seriously, I'm always inspired to follow in your steps.

    Excellent baby b! Way to go!!

  5. Cute corn activity. And what a great solution for writing her letters.

  6. I LOVE the popcorn corn project!!!

  7. Forgive me for being a dork, but I love to watch the blog for what my wife and little one do when I'm not there. I'm always impressed by your creativity, even after 12 plus years, love. Couldn't have married a more special, brilliant woman. T


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