Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tot School: Leaves & Acorns

Fall has arrived (even if it's still warm here) and we wanted to celebrate with some leaf and acorn activities this week.

M made a fall wreath using a paper plate and some construction paper leaves. You can see my original post on how we did this here.

One of M's trays this week included some leaf and tree shaped stamps.

She also had a tray with fall-themed window clings which she put in the windows near her sensory table and playdough table.

Originally, I added pinecones and acorns to the leaves already in the sensory table for M to play with this week. I had purchased a variety of pumpkins (real ones) to use as a tabletop decoration in our dining room. M carefully took them down and added them one by one to her table, and so we ended up with pumpkins in the sensory table this week, also.

In honor of fall, we make pumpkin pie playdough. This smells yummy, but is NOT edible. I gave M a leaf, squirrel, acorn and owl cookie cutters and she had the best time playing with this all week. The recipe is here.

We painted pinecones. I know most people make pinecone bird feeders, but since M has a peanut allergy, and I can't find a recipe to make them that doesn't include peanut butter, we just went with painting them. We'll add some glitter and some ribbon and use them as hanging decorations.

For Open-Ended Art this week M made tissue paper leaf mosaics.

I cut leaves out of craft foam. We labeled them with the numbers 1 to 12 and the letters to spell "leaves". We stuck them to the wall, and then took turns making a leaf "fall" and calling out what letter or number was on the leaf. This was a fun way to work on numeral recognition and some of the letters M knows.

We made leaf prints using an orange crayon. I had to guide M's hand on this one, as she doesn't press hard enough. However, she loved it so much we ended up making six pages of prints!

Then, we glued leaves we had collected from our yard onto paper for a leaf collage.

We also stuck some leaf-shaped stickers onto paper, read some of our fall and Halloween books, and hosted a sleepover to celebrate J's birthday.

That was our fall-themed week in Tot School. Be sure to visit Carisa's blog at 1+1+1=1 to see what everyone else did this week.

Next week we will continue with some leaf activities, and do some projects with squirrels, acorns and scarecrows, so it's a mixed-up fall theme week. (I had to fit all those fun projects in somewhere!)


  1. Great week! It's amazing how much you manage to accomplish with M. Her sensory table is pretty cool!

  2. I love the idea of a sensory table. It looks like such a fun way to get children to interact with everyday objects!

  3. Beautiful leaf collage. You have such wonderful Fall ideas.

  4. We're doing a Fall theme this coming week! I think I may borrow some of your ideas! ;)

  5. We have pumpkins/gourds in our sensory station, too - I love autumn for all the fun things you can touch and feel!

    Your leaf mosaics are lovely - what a great idea!!

  6. I love that she added the pumpkins to her sensory table - too cute! And you CAN make pine cone birdfeeders - just paint on corn syrup and then roll them in a pan of bird seed! All of your activities from this week are awesome - I'm saving your whole post!

  7. I really liked your falling leaves. I think we will be trying your leaf prints band collage this week. Thank you for so many great ideas!

  8. I like the leaf number game! So fun. The leaf prints turned out awesome!

  9. Wow, what a great week you guys had. I love the wreath idea, the sensory table and pretty much everything else that you guys did this week.

  10. Wow, you guys were busy! I need to borrow one of those crafts to try with the twins! My daughter would love them too. I am telling my husband we need a sensory table!

  11. Very fun ideas! We will definitely have to try a few :)


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