Thursday, October 8, 2009

stART: Nuts to You

This week I decided we’d participate in the stART project over at A Mommy’s Adventure. stART stands for story+art and requires reading a favorite book and doing an art project to go along with it. Since M loves books and art I thought this would be a fun project for her. I am not sure we’ll end up doing it every week, but we will be trying it out.

Today, we read “Nuts to You” by Lois Ehlert. M picked this out from the library the other day, as she is slightly obsessed with squirrels lately. We have a bunch that live in the oak trees in our yard, and she often watches them through the kitchen windows.

This book is about a city squirrel who loves to dig for acorns and nuts. He goes around the city visiting flower beds and bird feeders to find food. He even does some cute tricks to beg for food.

The first project we did has to do with the artwork in the book. It is all done in washes of colors in grays, brown, bronze and green. To tie in, I gave M a cutout of a squirrel holding a nut and had her collage over the top with green, brown and black tissue paper.

She loved this so much and wanted to do another squirrel so we also glued cotton balls to a squirrel's tail to make it fluffy and then painted the squirrel and his tail brown.

Don't forget to stop by A Mommy's Adventure to see what fun projects everyone else did for stART this week!


  1. Cute! We have this book; I may do a stArt project with it too. I think real squirrels are kind of gross (rodents with cute tails, that's all they are) but R is obsessed with them right now. Her preschool is doing a lot of squirrel activities. I'm rambling, sorry. Nice project!

  2. Oh my--those squirrels are awesome!

    I've been looking at this book at the library for a while but haven't gotten it yet. I will now. We love Ehlert's books!!

    Thanks for this book and craft idea!

  3. I love how she painted the tail too. Very cute.

  4. I am impressed with M's dedication - those squirrels turned out great. Thanks for the book reference, we love Ehlert, but I didn't hear about this book before.

  5. What cute little squirrels. She must really love them to do TWO! We love Ehlert's books at our house too.

  6. Very nice! I like how you had her make the squirrels different. They turned out great.

  7. I'm another one who hadn't heard of this book by Lois Ehlert (tho we love her Planting a rainbow) - so I'm looking forward to finding it at our library - thanks for the tip.
    Playing by the book

  8. Have I been living under a rock? I have not heard of this book or author! I will be looking for some stories by Lois Ehlert at the library!


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