Friday, September 11, 2009

Paper Collages

This week's Open-Ended Art hosted by Teaching My Little Bookworm was paper collages or mosaics.

Rather than giving M a lot of different colors to work with, I gave her all red papers in various textures. She had construction paper, floral paper, crepe paper, mulberry paper, velvet, tissue paper and textured cardstock.

M chose both glue and a glue stick to work with on her project. Then she asked to add red fingerpaint, and since it's open-ended art, I let her.

Paper collages are definitely a favorite project for M, and something we'll do again.


  1. I love this for so many reasons - it's a great idea to have one color and all those wonderful textures! And I love that you let her choose both glue in a bottle and a glue stick. :) That's tough for a lot of moms to do! And then letting her paint too. You are such a wonderful mommy! She has to feel great being given so much control over her art. Seeing this is a good reminder to me - I've been a little control-freakish about art this week. :) Thank you!

  2. That is such a great idea to use different textures!

  3. Great job its so pretty! we still need to do ours we had a sick week here so not much of everything got done!

    Open Ended Art will be on my new blog starting this coming wednesday:

  4. I love the idea of same color and various textures and how it unleashed M's own creativity. The result is pretty spectacular.


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