Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open-Ended Art: Eggshell or Tissue Paper Mosaics

This week's theme for Open Ended Art was Eggshell or Tissue mosaics. I decided eggshells were too complicated for M, so we made some tissue paper mosaics instead.

We had some leaf shapes left over from our fall wreath. I cut M small squares of tissue paper in fall colors, and gave her the bottle of glue.

She loved doing this project, and I thought they turned out very well!

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  1. I love them they turned out soooo cute :)

  2. They turned out nicely! It's nice when you can reuse the "leftovers" from other project to create even more fun.

  3. I think these are very, very pretty! She did a great job!

  4. These are very pretty. I like this idea and what your kids did with it.

  5. ooh this came out so quick and very pretty!

  6. These are so pretty what a great fall project!


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