Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Leaf Wreath

M made a fun fall leaf for a craft project today. To prepare, I spent some time last night cutting leaf shapes out of red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper. Today, we cut a circle out of the middle of a paper plate and painted the plate yellow, in case M left blank spots in her gluing.

Next, I gave M the glue and piles of leaves, and she glued them down in the order of her choice. I tried to encourage her to have some overhang both inside and outside, but mainly let her put them wherever she chose.

When it was dry we added a cord and hung it on the pantry door.

This was a simple project, but a fun way for M to start off our week studying leaves and acorns.


  1. Very pretty, I might try something like this soon. Of course, it assumes that I will find time to actually cut those leaves :(

  2. How funny - we JUST did something similar to this about 2 hours ago. I'm waiting for the glue to dry so I can take a final picture and post about it. Yours turned out beautifully and I love how you hung it up (much better than my old yarn, lol). I can't believe you drew and cut those leaves yourself - I'm sure that was a lot of work!

  3. That is just what I was needing...I have been trying to figure out a good way to do a wreath with my preschoolers, and ha, why I didn't think of a paper plate for the background is beyond me! Thanks for the great idea! Also, just a question, did you use a book or have any good fall books in mind. I found you on Totally Tots, but can't use God related books since it's for a school thing.


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