Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tot School: Butterfly Edition

We were back into our regular Tot School routine this week. M was so excited to have a backpack of her own, and insisted on wearing it around the house. My mother decorated this one just for M with flowers and jeweled dragonflies.

M received a wonderful HABA lacing set from my parents for her birthday. The beads include flowers, leaves, a bumblebee and a three-part butterfly. One of the things I love about this set is the wooden "needle" she can use to help her thread the beads onto the string. Since she loved doing this set so much, especially the butterfly, we decided to do a butterfly theme this week.

This week's trays included butterfly matching cards I made in Word using clipart, her stringing beads, a coloring page and butterfly color-matching book printed from Making Learning Fun and a butterfly counting game. We also did playdough with a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter.

There are so many butterfly crafts you can do, and it was very hard to narrow them down this week. We made butterflies out of M's footprints and decorated with dot markers.

Then we made coffee filter butterflies. We colored coffee filters using washable markers. Then we sprayed them lightly with water. The water spreads the marker out, similar to water colors. We bunched them up and tied them with pipe cleaners.

We also made terrariums, painted using chocolate syrup and played with our new birthday toys including Curious George nesting and stacking blocks, dress up clothes, and a Leap Frog fridge phonics game.

Finally, M enjoyed popping a whole roll of bubble wrap that she found in the craft closet.

That was our week in Tot School. You can see what others did in their Tot School this week by checking out the posts at 1+1+1=1.


  1. I love Haba toys!
    We have been learning about butterflies too!

  2. Oh indeed bubble wrap popping... an activity for genius children in my opinion!

  3. Love your theme...and all of your projects. (I am also lusting after your haba toys too. LOL I love those!)

  4. I'll have to check out the haba toys - I like the idea of a wooden needle to help string the beads. And the footprint butterfly is so cute - very creative! I'm saving that idea to use here sometime when my niece visits - she loves butterflies too! Thanks for such great ideas!

  5. I love butterfly studies and crafts! You have some fun tot tools/toys too!

    I really enjoy seeing what you guys do, you have fun ideas!

  6. Another week FULL of fun things! I love the Haba set; their toys are always such high quality. We've done a caterpillar week and I think we need to follow that up with a butterfly-themed one, too!

    Love the idea with the coffee filters, too. I just picked some up on clearance at Target and was wondering how to do it with Maddie. Now I know! :)

  7. The Haba set looks nice. Where do you get that particular brand?

  8. What a great butterfly week! I bookmarked your post for the future when we will do our own butterfly unit. And the chocolate paintings sound very yummy.

  9. We love Haba toys. They are made from natural materials, use all natural vegetable dyes instead of paint, are very high quality and really last.

    There are several online stores that carry Haba -, and are all ones I (or my mom) have used. Sometimes Amazon has Haba toys, too, but normally a limited selection. Anyplace that carries European toys will usually have Haba.

  10. I love the butterfly crafts you did this week. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  11. I love the butterfly crafts! Looks like she had a lot of fun.

  12. Loved the butterfly crafts! In fact, your coffee filter craft was much better than the craft I had planned, so we did yours today instead :) He loved it. Thanks for the idea!!

    Kathy D.


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