Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tot School: Bumblebees

Sadly, I am still without my computer while they wait for a back-ordered part. However, I did manage to borrow my husband's work laptop long enough to get this post up. This week in Tot School our theme was Bumblebees.

I cut a beehive, 10 bees and a flower out of construction paper. We practiced counting with them and worked on positional words (on the floor, in the hive, over the hive, etc.) with them.

We did a combined art and sensory activity where M put bumblebee stickers onto a piece of paper. Then, I gave her a black crayon, and while listening to Flight of the Bumblebees by Rimsky-Korsakov, she drew the sticker bees flight paths. She really enjoyed this one.

We worked on our scissors skills. I drew black lines on yellow strips of paper and M cut on the lines. She still insists on holding her scissors wrong, but is improving with her cutting skills.

Then I made flowers with long stems with lines on them, and M pretended to be a bee and cut her way to the flowers (buzzing while she did it!) (They did not look this pretty when M was done cutting!)

Toilet paper bumblebees were harder to make than I thought they would be and involved me doing more of the project than M. We painted a tube yellow, but the paint didn't show up very well. Then I drew on black lines with a marker. We cut wings out of wax paper and pipe cleaner antennas. Of course, they had to get googly eyes. M loved playing with them once they were done, however.

I found that a straw stuck upright in some playdough on a paper plate provides the perfect holder for the toilet paper rolls. Then your tot just has to turn the plate to paint all the sides and not worry about trying to hold it.

Thumbrpint bumblebees were fun. M used yellow fingerprints for Bs and brown thumbprints for the hive. I added the details with a black marker. She loves anything involving painting her hands! (I know I saw this on another blog, but without my computer I don't know where, so if it was you please let me know!)

We used a paper bag and colored it yellow and black. Then we cut a head hole out, added the antenna from our ladybug costume, and M pretended she was a bumblebee. We also did a felt board activity with the rhyme Five Busy Bees (no photos of these two, sorry!).

This week we also worked on our puzzles matching baby and mama animals together, and drawing with our Magna Doodle.

That was our week in Tot School. Since this was J's first week of school and mine back at work, we are still working on finding a new routine. Next week I hope to do more trays. You can see what others have done this week over at 1+1+1=1.


  1. These are all really creative ideas! Thank you for the tip about the play-doh and painting cardboard tubes. I love your beehive and flower and bees and how you used them for positional words. I think I'll be using that idea! Thanks for sharing - your posts are always full of great ideas. :)

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  3. I agree with Nicole... You ALWAYS have great ideas! I love, love, love how you had her work through Flight of the Bumblebees! What a great musical incorporation. And, those are some GREAT cutting skills she has! Look at the concentration on her face in that picture. Too cute! :) Maddie still doesn't show a whole lot of interest in scissors, though she DOES like to know that they're available. :)

    Great week!

  4. Good idea on how to hold up the toilet paper roll while painting! We'll use that for sure!
    Homeschool Madness

  5. Your theme was so cute! I love how you used a toilet paper roll and wax paper to make a bubble bee.

  6. What a fun week! Love the bumble bee hive counting activity. We also played with our magna doodle alot this week! Sunshine has the same one!

  7. A very cute bumblebee week! :-) I love all your ideas.

  8. I love all your bee projects! We are making the No Time For Flashcards Letter B bees this coming week!

  9. I love the toilet paper bees - I think they turned out perfect!

  10. Hard to pick a favorite. Love the beehive you made and the TP beehive. Cute pic of your little one making hers!

  11. I like the Flight of the Bumblebees project also! I am going to use the Flower stems one when we do the letter F! Just had to say my little one has the same dress as the blue one yours is wearing and it is one of my favs!

  12. I really liked the Flight of Bumblebees idea - what a great way to introduce classical music to a toddler. M is so cute working with her scissors too.


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