Monday, August 10, 2009

Practical Life: Shucking Corn

M loves to help around the house. Sweeping, wiping tables and washing windows are all tasks she can accomplish safely. However, her working in the kitchen is something that makes me nervous, and we usually restrict her to stirring the bowl. When I realized we were going to have corn on the cob the other day, I saw a great practical life activity.

M LOVED shucking the corn (and tasting it) and then washing it in the sink. We cut some off the cob for her later so she could enjoy the yummy results after it was cooked.

Be warned, corn silks stick to your tongue if you taste them!


  1. Shucking corn is one of Sweet Pea's favorite activities too! When she sees it at the grocery store she talks about shucking it now. :)

  2. Neat idea! We use corn quite often on a barbecue. Next time I'll get Anna on this task that I personally don't enjoy. LOL

  3. How fun! I'd never thought of trying this with Maddie, but I think she'd love it.


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