Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall Planning

I go back to work tutoring high school students this week. The nice thing about this job is that I am home all day to do school, swimming lessons, play dates and field trips. The downside is that it cuts into my evening planning and prep time, meaning I have to be even more organized than usual. (It also adds 20 additional students I need to prep!)

So, I have selected themes for M for Tot School through November. Themes work best for me, and M enjoys them.

I want to be sure we do crafts (because M loves them) and free art each week, as well as working on math and literacy activities, practical life, dramatic play and a sensory activity. While that seems like a lot to do, M has a short attention span so we need lots of choices. We spend less than an hour a day doing planned Tot School activities, the rest of the time M free plays.

Our upcoming themes are:
Ladybugs (this week)
Trucks & Buses
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (M's current favorite book)
Leaves & Acorns
Pumpkins (we'll spend 2 weeks here)
Squirrels & Forest Animals
Thanksgiving (focus on being thankful and pilgrims)

I am currently hunting for ideas that fit within these themes. Luckily, there are many free resources and talented mommies out there with great ideas to share!

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  1. Those themes sound like a lot of fun! I am curious to see which resources you will use. My favorite sites for theme planning are and


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