Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I Love Dandelions

I love dandelions.

Before I had kids, I admit I thought of them as nothing more than a weed. Then, when J was about 2, he started picking dandelions from the yard and presenting the bouquets to me. We always put them in a vase for the day or so they lasted. Every time I looked at them I remembered my little boy had brought them to me. He continued this tradition for years, randomly coming in from the yard with a fistful of yellow flowers to present to me and brighten my day.

Now, at the age of almost 10, he stills brings me flowers, although he has graduated to azaleas or pansies instead of dandelions. And he has passed the tradition on to M, who yesterday brought me a purple pansy from the yard just like her brother always does!

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