Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tot School: Red, White & Blue

We had a busy week this week at Tot School, and Daddy was home for a few days so that gave him an opportunity to participate, which we all loved.

This being the Fourth of July week, we of course marched in the kids parade and saw the fireworks. We also did a lot of patriotic crafts. We beat the heat with our Ice Treasure Hunt (this idea came from our Science Play book). We froze small items in ice (freeze in layers) and then enjoyed uncovering them using a water dropper and warm salt water. This was a good 30 minutes of fun, which led to M then sorting the treaures she found (buttons, wiffle ball, counting bear and googly eyes).
We worked with our hula hoop this week. M certainly cannot do it, but she sure keeps trying! We actually had 7 trays this week. We gave M a key on a shoelace and a padlock, and she had a great time figuring out how the lock worked. She got it by the second day, but continued to love doing this all week long.We played with our homemade letter bean bags. We are introducing letters to M very slowly more as a general recognition that letters exist, rather than actually worrying if she is learning them. We have chosen to do lowercase first, using the phonemic sound rather than the letter name, and not in alphabetical order. I made m, a, s, t, p, e, f, n bean bags for our first grouping. She surprised us by already recognizing F and E - she pays attention when we do spelling with her brother! We mainly tossed them this week, and said the sound as we threw each one.
We gave M some paper fans, and she practiced folding and unfolding them all week, as well as fanning herself and her dolls.
The rest of her trays I didn't get photos of M working on but she strung red, white and blue painted pasta onto pipecleaners, and loved wearing the necklace around this week. We also did a great sticker matching game that we got from a Preschool Activity in a Bag swap we did. This is a fantastic e-book, the swap was so much fun, and we now have 20 new activities to work on!

I originally gave M a lentil bean pouring activity using a funnel, but a dropped tray on the first day resulted in all our lentils getting vacuumed up. So instead, her Daddy came up with this great idea. He used a cardboard insert from a box of drinking glasses. M had the best time putting the insert pieces in and out, and making new designs with the pieces. We stuck the main piece into playdough to hold it upright so she could make this one work on her own.
We changed our sensory tub after M sprinkled all of her rainbow rice out for the birdies. She has had a fascination with rocks lately, so we gave her 10 different colored rocks and about 1 inch of water and she had some fun playing with the rocks and "cleaning" them.
Daddy also made M a great ball drop game. He cut different sized circles so she not only had the fun of dropping the balls through, but had to figure out which hole each ball could fit through. She got pretty good at visually fitting balls by the end of the week. Finally, we bought M a sandbox for her second birthday, and decided to set it up early. The kids had fun playing in it.
That is our week in Tot School. See Carisa's blog to see what others did in Tot School this week.


  1. I LOVE the ball drop game Daddy made her!!!

  2. Love that alphabet game! What a great idea Mama!

  3. what a fun week i love that sandbox! I love my activities in a bag too! we had fun with our puffy paint letters for totschool this week

  4. Bookworm - we bought it on sale at Amazon with free shipping if you are looking. We will have to try puffy paint letters.

  5. I love all the handprint artwork. I'll have to try the ice cube activity. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE the ball drop game!! I have a box that would work perfectly for it!!!! YAY!

  7. What a wonderful week of fun and play. Great job!

  8. I LOVE the ball drop game too! Awesome idea. We will have to try that.

  9. cute crafts!! the ball drop game is such a good idea too!

    I saw on Totally Tots that she is turning 2 this month - happy birthday!

  10. Love the ice activity, great for a hot day!


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