Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tot School: Rainbows

We had some rain at the beginning of the week- much needed in this part of Texas. So, to celebrate, we did a rainbow themed week.

We used many rainbow idea for our trays this week. First, I painted the cups of an egg carton and M matched large puffs to the color cups. We added tongs to turn this into a transfer activity when the color matching got to easy.We did more tissue paper art, I gave M black paper, a glue stick and a basket full of rainbow colored tissue paper scraps. She didn't glue them on in an arc, but still had a blast.This pipe cleaner and foam rainbow idea came from My Montessori Journey. I only did one bead on each so I could keep track of them in case M decided to eat them, although she did very good with them this week so maybe we are ready for more bead activities.
We made a bunch of paint strip and clothespin matching cards that I saw on the Chasing Cheerios blog. This is a version of the Montessori color boxes, and while M was not very good about matching the correct shade yet, she was able to do the clothespins herself and matched the right pins to each color strip.
M loves art, so I always try to do several activities each week. Rainbow theme definitely made it easy to find great ideas, and there were many we just didn't get time to do.

One of those she loved was stringing fruit loops onto pipe cleaners and making bracelets with them.

We did another dot marker coloring sheet from Making Learning Fun. M didn't stick with the colors on separate rows, but she is getting better at making very distinct dot shapes (when she wants t0 that is).

I have seen the spray bottle painting on several different blogs and we finally tried it on a sunny day this week. I found spray bottles with easy triggers and filled them with washable water paints. Then we hung a long sheet of paper on our deck railing and sprayed away. I was impressed that M was able to work the trigger and spent a long time working on her painting. Even J enjoyed doing this one.
We made homemade playdough one day - and added glitter and peppermint scents to make it even more fun.M and I traced her hands and then I helped her glue them into a rainbow. She loved this and kept tracing everyone's hands for several days afterwards.
I had bought the kids a bag full of polished, multi colored rocks. I let them play with them on the cookie sheet one day, and M loved this! She definitely has a fascination with any and all rocks.
Finally, we played with J's spin art machine. M loved this and was quite good at squeezing just the right amount of paint onto the paper.
That was our rainbow week in Tot School. We did do some non-rainbow things, but there are so many pictures already I think I will hold those for another time.

For more Tot School ideas, see Carisa's blog at 1+1+1=1. We will be on vacation next week, and it's M's second birthday, so we probably won't do much Tot School.


  1. I love the egg carton color matching, homemade glitter playdough and the spin art. You guys had a very busy, fun and productive week. You have so many ideas I plan on implementing as my "tot" gets a bit older--thank you for sharing these!

  2. What a lot of cool ideas! The hands rainbow is just precious.

  3. I just found your Blog through Totally Tots. I am so excited to find such great ideas for my soon to be two year old twin boys!! I am always looking for ideas, but it seems everything I find is either for kids older or younger than my two. I love that your LO is just about the same age as my guys!! Thanks!!!

  4. Another week that's getting me excited about OUR upcoming week! I love all the rainbow activities and I know my daughter would love to make the handprint rainbow.

    For MY Tot School post this week, I used several of your ideas and linked back to your blog. Seriously, thank you so much for the inspiration!

  5. Mm, the playdough sounds really yummy! I love all the arts and crafts ideas too - we try to do a lot each week too and it's fun to get some great ideas from other blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great ideas - I liked the rainbow made out of hands - so cute.

  7. What a fun week!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

  8. Very cute hand rainbow and I love the pom-pom activity too!

  9. Tracing hands is one of my daughter's favorite things to do. I will be doing the rainbow handprints with her this week since we are working on colors. Thank you so much for the idea!!

  10. Great ideas and what a fantastic theme! I feel so inspired now!

  11. Love your site! Stop by my site to pick up your blog award!:))


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