Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red, White, Blue & Yummy

Since we are celebrating the Fourth of July all week, we planned to participate in Muffin Tin Monday for the first time with their patriotic themed Muffin Tin lunches. However, J wasn't home for lunch on Monday or Tuesday, and we didn't want to do it without him, so today was the first time we got to make our patriotic lunch!Here's what we had: Blueberry stars, red and white apple stripes, firecracker cheese stick, cheesecake pudding with red and blue sprinkles, blue jello stars, cream cheese and jam flag toast, and lemonade with a red and blue icecube. The kids loved this meal, so we may have to participate more often!

We also made some new crafts today. This handprint flag idea came from Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth. (J is on the left, M is on the right.) You can use them in plants, glue them onto cards, or we plan to carry them in the parade.
While we were handpainting we also made a handprint wreath. We intermixed blue hands for M, red hands for J, and white hands for Mommy. We cut them out, and glued them to a paper plate with the middle cut out. Then we added some red stars and ribbon.

We also made these star wands by gluing red, white and blue tissue paper collage-style onto cardboard star shapes and gluing them onto craft sticks.
That is it for today's crafts. Tomorrow we'll be making fireworks crowns and Uncle Sam hats, and on Friday we'll decorate our bikes and strollers in preparation for the parade.


  1. wow! great job on that muffin tin meal. My fave is the firecracker cheese stick and the jelly striped toast!!

    And your crafts are so cute! I love how your handprint flag turned out!!

  2. Michelle, Thanks for the great inspiration!


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