Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainbow in a Glass

We have had rain this week! This is much needed in this part of the drought-stricken South and is a cause for celebration. So, in honor of the rain the kids and I are doing rainbows this week.

I usually try to find some way to work a special project in just for J, in addition to the fun crafts we do that include M. To go along with rainbows, we did a science experiment to make a rainbow in a glass. This idea came from The Exploration Station, who has great instructions on her site here so I am not going to reprint them. Essentially, each color has the same amount of water but varying amounts of sugar causing differing densities in each solution. It takes a lot of patience to very carefully pipette each new color layer on top, but it was very fun to see them layer and not mix! It was hard to show in a photograph, but they did layer like a rainbow.
This is definitely an experiment for older kids requiring a delicate hand and patience (and a lot of cleanup due to dripping pipettes), but well worth it and leads to some great conversations on scientific topics including density, concentration of solution, color mixing, dilution and surface tension.

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  1. Oh, how awesome! I think this is the first time ever I actually saw someone try one of the experiments we've done. I'm so glad it worked out for you. It was definitely a tricky project, but I'm so glad you and your son had fun with it!

    This just thrills me to no end!

    Keep up the good work mama!



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