Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tot School June 14-20, 2009

J had cub scout camp this week, so M and I spent a lot of time at the pool, playing outside, and missing her brother. I had a hard time getting pictures this week, because every time I tried to take one M stopped what she was doing and gave me this cheesy grin!
M's favorite Tot Tray this week was transferring water with an eye dropper. I found a very easy to squeeze dropper, and used two small metal pails. I filled one half full of water and let her transfer between the two. In Montessori fashion, we fill the left pail first so she is transferring from left to right (this helps with reading order later). M did this several times a day, every day.

Another tray she enjoyed was made by poking straws into floral foam and then having her stack her wooden tracing beads on them. We worked on stacking by color and shape.
M wanted to keep playing with the mini clothespins from last week, so I used them as a transfer object this week. She had fun putting them into the spice jar. There were 12 clothespins set out, and we worked on counting them as we dropped them in. (This picture isn't the best, but she is pushing them through the opening in the spice jar lid.)
M has mastered the matching jars to lids tray - she can match them the first time and get the lids screwed on and off with no help, so this is probably the last time we'll do this tray.
We also had trays for tearing paper (M never did this tray) and for transferring mini pompoms into an icecube tray to continue our work on 1:1 correspondence.

We worked on textures some more this week, using different textured fabrics including netting, brocade, fleece, denim, fake fur and corduroy. I eventually will make these into a matching fabrics game, but for now we are just comparing how they feel. (M decided her legs needed to check the texture, too!)
I saw on another Tot School blog (I can't remember which one, sorry) where a toddler was having fun fishing toys out of their pool. Not having an inground pool, I modified this to fit our yard. Add a wading pool, some bath toys and the net we use with our fish tank and you have instant fun! M spent the longest time fishing the toys out of the pool. Eventually this turned into all kinds of water games, especially splashing Mommy, and we ended the day soaking wet and happy!
Another activity she loved this week was transferring alphabet stickers onto black construction paper.
For art this week we made our Father's Day cards.

We also made these Dad's Day Dessert Ties as our baking project.
We played dress-up a lot of times this week!
Finally, my favorite picture of the week is this one of M helping me to recover our dining room chairs. Look at the concentration on that little face! That was our week in Tot School. Check out what other's are doing in their Tot School this week here!


  1. Wow, your girl had a lot done this week. It's great that she is exposed to so many different things so early.

  2. I love the water droplet transfer activity b/c I never thought to put the emphasis on left to right direction. Do you how many 3rd graders I have had in the past that don't even know their left from their right...let alone how to fold a piece of paper to make a book that opens from left to right...I love this and am definitely going to do more activities that emphasisi left ot right directionality with my 2-year old. (My 4-year old studies dance and learned her left from her right hand/foot, but has been struggling with reading two-digit numbers left to right...perfect for her as well!)

    Blessings to you this week,

  3. When I was researching Montessori methods I found that the proper set-up for all their activities is to go left to right,and it made such sense to me. They also place the eyedropper/tongs/spoon, etc. in the middle so the child can choose which hand to use - placing it to one side or the other predisposes them to choosing the hand on that side.

  4. I love the fishing toys out of the pool. We'll have to give this one a try for sure!


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