Monday, June 22, 2009

Reading Corner

Our house is filled with books. We have bags of books to go back to the library, stacks of books waiting to be read, and bookcases filled with favorites we can't bear to part with. We have bookcases in every bedroom, and several bookcases downstairs as well. Usually someone can be found laying on a bed, lounging in a chair, or out on our back deck reading.

What we didn't have, until recently, is a reading corner for M & J specifically. After observing the kids for a while we found that they both prefer to lay on the floor to read, rather than sitting on any of our furniture. So, in a quiet corner of our formal living room, we created their own reading nook. The books on the windowsill are changed frequently to reflect their current favorites and we are planning to add a CD player for books on tape.
It is not fancy and it didn't cost us anything to make, but since we created this space, the kids are both most often found here, in their own little quiet corner.

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