Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painting Pair

We had quite a storm last night that knocked down fences and trees all over the neighborhood. The ground was very muddy today, and everyone was cleaning up the damage, so the kiddos were stuck inside. They decided to spend the day doing art projects. They started with dot painters, moved onto doing puddle painting, and then ended with good old-fashioned brush painting. J did his own version of a Monet-style painting, as we have been studying him lately. M decided she didn't like the mess of finger-painting any longer and taught herself to use a paintbrush. Here are a few shots of them hard at work. (M is wearing a towel I cut a hole in to be a paint smock, and I put a pink plastic tablecloth under her table to protect the floor, as both of my artists tend to be messy!)

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