Saturday, June 27, 2009

Improv and Art

We took the kids to the local art museum today. They were having an interactive Theater exhibit for kids.
First, we stopped by their texture table, and the kids made free-art using a variety of mediums. M and I made a doll with fabric, cardboard, sea shells and straw.
Then they made their own costumes and props. J made a treasure map, M just made a glue collage.

Finally, we attended an improv theater workshop, where J played the part of the hunter in a Wild West version of Little Red Riding Hood. That's a skunk cap (rather than racoon skin) on his head.
Before we left for the day, M had to try out their texture wall. (The exhibit allows you to write reactions on sticky notes and add them to the exhibit.) She loved the corrugated cardboard and as you can see rubbed it over and over again!

A fun day of art and improv, and I got several new ideas we will be trying out over the next few weeks as well!

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