Monday, June 1, 2009

Fly Swatter Painting

This idea comes from the Big, Messy Art Book by MaryAnn Kohl (one of my favorite writers for kids art). I put both kids into their swimsuits for easier cleanup, and spread a large piece of paper on the lawn. I used rocks to weigh down the corners, and poured thinned, washable paint onto paper plates set around the edges. I got 2 butterfly-shaped swatters at the dollar store for the kids to use. The kids dipped the swatters in the paint and swatted the paper until the prints began to fade, then redipped. This is unbelievably messy, as the paint splatters everywhere, but so fun. I just hosed everybody down when we were done.
This is definitely an outside art project, and washable paints are a must, but so fun! Both kids loved it!

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